What is a live event?
A TEDxLive is where we host an event to watch the official TED Conference through a live webcast. This came about when TED wished to make the TED Conference more open, more global, and its impact more immediate. They wondered if it could ignite communities around the world to engage with – and build on – the TED Conference experience while it happened live?

TED2017 | The future you
What does the future hold for you, for me, for us? In 2017, TED will balance a hard look at the seismic shifts that are altering the way the world works with insights into how we can foster personal learning, growth and empowerment. The result: You'll leave inspired and prepared for the change that's ahead.

Explore the most pressing questions of our time and to imagine what our shared future might look like. From how we'll work to how we'll connect and interact to how we'll collectively thrive in a world full of change, we'll ask – and try to answer – the big questions of the moment.